Help Acquire Our Most Needed Items

Each year, there are certain items that make our Top 20 most needed items, most of which aren’t toys, such as coats, gloves, hats, and snow boots. Call our office to get our top 20 list for 2021. Once you have items from the list to donate, drop them off at our office and we’ll distribute them to those in need.

The Top 20 Items List for 2021

  1. Skateboards / Scooters
  2. Legos
  3. Anything Star Wars
  4. Gift cards for teens to local stores (especially clothing)
  5. Sleds
  6. Doll strollers
  7. Pokemon cards and items
  8. Batteries
  9. Little girl dress-up clothes
  10. Used bikes in good condition
  11. USU items
  12. Teen girl hair accessories, nail polish, and perfumes
  13. Snow boots, any size
  14. Adult-sized coats for teens
  15. Anything Minecraft
  16. Hoodies
  17. Ear buds
  18. Socks, any size
  19. New bike helmets